The Breastaurant Offers the Best Seat in the House

by Kinyofu Mlimwengu

Excerpted from Free To Breastfeed: Voices of Black Mothers by Jeanine Valrie Logan & Anayah Sangodele-Ayoka

Located near the heart of all mothers, is a quaint, yet attractive set of fine dining experiences for all babies.  Easily accessible and conveniently located, The Breastaurant provides 24 hour meal preparation and effortless delivery. Whether the mother is at home or on the street, the internationally acclaimed Breastaurant is there to produce exactly what the child needs, in the exact quantity needed.

The Breastaurant is always prepared to offer the appropriate servings. Offering the contents of two breasts, eight to twelve times a day for the newborn; and later on ten to twelve times a day for the older baby, the Breastaurant is always super fresh and ready to serve. A mutual exchange is the norm, as the Breastaurant’s main course keeps the baby hydrated; and the baby, as a regular consumer, keeps the Breastaurant well supplied. The Breastaurant makes sure the baby gets what it needs and even takes into account growth spurts, by creating more food as the child grows.

The frequency of feedings establishes a special closeness between mother and baby and becomes a true bonding experience. Furthermore, this sanctuary provides an intimate family experience as part of its ambiance. Daddy’s joy is leaning on mommy’s shoulder while marveling at the expression as his little one receives Natures best. The Breastaurant brings forth an age-old, time-proven reinforcement of love, reassurance and verbal pleasantries, with an overall feeling of satiation and self-assurance between the family triad, and also leads to a good night’s sleep.

More than a social tradition, the Breastaurant is sure to include just the right combination of protein and carbohydrates to support the baby’s developing brain. The special, homemade preparation provides a unique cocktail of hormones, vitamins and minerals – all originating from the best and most natural source of organic, chemical-free, and intuitively tailored ingredients to build on the baby’s overall health.

One very distinctive element of the Breastaurant is its defense against disease due to the live antibacterial and antiviral cells included in the Breastaurant’s cuisine. Also notable are the many discovered and undiscovered bonuses that not only improve the health of the baby, but also that of the mother.

Babies welcome the Breastaurant as a clear preference above all other alternatives as they do not offer the same special nuances. These highly publicized so-called alternatives are only weak imitations.

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