The Curator

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25 years ago, Kinyofu Mteremeshi-Mlimwengu was introduced to the world of natural birth and breastfeeding through her new role as parent-turned-advocate. Since then, she has become a long recognized professional in advocacy for Women’s Empowerment, providing educational forums to support women’s development, understanding and appreciation for their bodies as it relates to their womb and it’s lifetime of stories. Five years ago, she began her journey through higher education and surfaced with a Bachelor’s Degree in Community and Human Services and a Master’s Degree in Education. The research that came from her studies led her to publish a column in The Examiner on sex trafficking in Brooklyn as well two articles on reproductive justice (Woman’s Shame, Societies Gain: A Case of Japanese Sex Slave Trade, and Self Help as the Base of Woman’s Power); curate a two-month exhibition on reproductive justice called “Reproductive Awakening: Narratives of Agency in Black America”; launch a website and Facebook page of the same name; and introduce a series of Red Tent circles (focused on reproductive self-care) in Brooklyn, NY. She is a proud mother of two young adults whom she credits with inspiring her desire for further enlightenment. More info about Kinyofu’s mission and Red Tent women’s circles can be found at

The Curatorial Advisor

 Desiree is an artist, writer, and curator, whose work explores the collapse between the boundaries of art and life. She weaves together her passion for the narratives of women in the African Diaspora with contemporary visual art and global anthologies of the Sacred Feminine. Through education, research, and exhibition, Desiree investigates Afro-Futurist thought, eroticism, and the politics of performance as points of inquiry into the complex identities of women of African descent. She is the proud mother of two sons and two Brooklyn-based homebirths. She lives and works in New York City.  

The Project Manager

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Stephen A. Wilson Jr., the founder of TWW Inc., born and raised in Brooklyn, NY has dedicated his life to teaching and preserving the history of people of color. In learning about himself, Stephen did a Vision Quest with the Delaware Indians, with a sachem named Weyandaga, thus becoming Talks with Wolves.

From 1993 – 2001, Stephen has been the sole proprietor of a cultural store – Talks with Wolves-Indigenous Art & Culture. The store is located in the unique and culturally rich neighborhood of Bedford Stuyvesant. Native American, African and Indonesian art, artifacts and clothing are sold in the store. Talks with Wolves also lectured on History/Traditions and Craft art programs for educational facilities (schools k –12/College and special education children, community centers and elder facilities.

Building on his foundation TWW Inc., has to move to the next phase to further his mission. TWW Inc.’s principle aim is to help with the educational needs of the communities by using the arts, and to increase communica­tion between the various ethnic groups that reside in the communities.  As a result of this increased communication, a deeper level of understanding can develop thereby strengthening the entire community at large.

The Public Relations Specialist and Editor

Maitefa Angaza

     Maitefa Angaza (Judith Halsey) is the editor of African Voices, an acclaimed, nationally distributed Black arts magazine. She is a co-producer of the documentary In Our Heads About Our Hair (2012) and author of Kwanzaa: From Holiday to Every Day, (Dafina Books, 2007), which climbed to #1 on holiday books page. She is the proud former executive editor of the award-winning, now defunct newspaper, The City Sun and also worked as an editor at The Daily Challenge, both New York City publications.

     Ms. Angaza works also as an independent journalist, public relations and publicity writer and arts reviewer. Her work has been published in Essence, Black Issues Book Review, The Amsterdam News, Our Time Press, The Network Journal, Positive Community, Dance Attitude and other publications. Her articles, “Maya: A Precious Prism” and “The Rise of Slam Nation” have been required reading at several universities.

     As an editor she has worked on fiction and non-fiction book projects and both print-related and web-based content. She has been interviewed on radio and cable television and has served as a workshop leader and panel moderator at the National Black Writers Conference, the Harlem Book Fair and other events. Ms. Angaza sits on the board of African Voices Communications Inc.

The Social Media Specialist

Celeste picCeleste Marie Scott was born and raised in the now demolished Broadhead Manor Projects on the West End of Pittsburgh, PA. A Jane-of-many trades, she has served in various capacities in the activism, writing, and entertainment communities. In the past five years, she has held the position of Board Member and Chief Consultant for Team Able, a Christian violence prevention organization focused on family preservation and community involvement, as well as a contracted Promotions/Merchandising Professional for Sweet Note Entertainment.  She also serves on the planning committee for the Pittsburgh Chapter of Families as Justice for Healing. Presently, she is the official publicist for Mr. Able, a hip hop activist and artist in Pittsburgh, PA. Born out of this diversity was Shakir Innovations, a company with the motto of “Keeping Your Best Interests at Heart” and servicing a number of clients with their various media, consulting, and marketing needs.  Under this company umbrella are freelance writing services for diverse clientele. Her central mission as an activist revolves around her love of black and brown women and her desire to unify and empower them against oppression in any form.

The Exhibition Designer

Eudia “Erja” Holmes has always adored her hometown Brooklyn.  She attended Brooklyn based Pratt Institute, taught mathematics to kindergarten through Junior High School in neighboring schools and served as a Real Estate Agent.  As a youngster, Eudia had a desire to empower others. She became particularly interested in empowering other people to create the lives of their dreams which provided her with the impetus to start her own business, “Harmonious Environment for Everyone (HEE).”  Eudia serves as a Home Organizer, Stager and Estate Clearer. Her passion is to help others realize and fulfill on their dreams by enabling them to transform and recreate their living space(s). Her passion fuels her effectiveness in achieving results for homeowners, renters and sellers alike.  A graduate of Pratt Institute, she studied engineering and photography, earning her Bachelor’s in Fine Arts. This former Teacher and Real Estate Agent brings her keen eye for detail and beauty, compassionate nature and creative problem solving skills to her work.

Whether it be a vacant or lived in home for sale, Eudia has a keen eye for matching furnishings to living spaces.  Home Staging gives sellers marketing advantage for their brokers to make their homes more attractive and sellable.  In organizing homes, she brings comfort and peace to homeowners especially when they are relocating.  Her compassionate way offers bereaved clients comfort and solace.

Eudia currently enjoys her place as landlord to a family owned multiple dwelling in Prospect Heights. Raising three children, further lends to her great familiarity in organizing chaos and creating prescriptive individual systems.  As of recent, Eudia has co-created the “RED TENT” EXPERIENCE/INSTALLATION in the exhibit REPRODUCTIVE AWAKENING.


Adviser At Large


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